Passive doa detection during meteor showers

I’ve seen posts in the past on SDR blogs about the trail behind a meteor being a reflector of transmissions such as digital tv.
Would it be possible to use the doa code with a set of the Kraken Omni antennas to pick these up?

We have digital tv broadcasts in our capital, and about 60km out of town is a dark sky site.
With the upcoming meteor showers I was thinking of setting up the doa code tuned to the digital tv frequency. This should be largely silent - but during a meteor this should be then reflected for a short period as if it was a short duration transmitter.

Would/could this work?

In theory it should work, assuming the source signal is silent at that distance, and only the reflections are heard.

However, I think an issue could be the elevation angle to the meteor trail. The reflective part of the tail is usually very high in the atmosphere, and that could present to your station as a very high elevation. When the signal is over roughly 45 degrees in elevation, a circular array will not work correctly.

A directional linear array pointing at a meteor shower radiant might work better, but of course you miss other directions then.