Overclocking advice

I have a couple of devices and wanted to ask Carl (or others) for advice on the efficacy and details of overclocking on a couple of different platform. I will start by saying that I generally avoid overclocking in favor of device safety and stability, but I have heard that with the right cooling it can provide a better experience in some cases.

General question: You can overclock the cpu, the gpu, or both. Does the Kraken software use the GPU sufficently to benefit from overclocking there?

Case 1: Pi 4, here I have modestly overclocked to 2000 MHz and overvoltage=6. I have heard that overclocking on this platform lead to better performance (faster signal recognition). I would like to hear from those with more experience. It can be overclocked more but I am conservative and this is already quit a bit faster than stock.

Case 2: Orange Pi 5, I have not overclocked this as its starting clock rate is signifantly higher (2.xGhz) an it has twice as many cores (although not all at the same clock rate). Again have not touched the GPU here either. Feedback on this platform?


Overclocking is only needed if you want the GUI to be a bit more responsive. It won’t affect anything to do with the signal processing.

For the Pi 4 the UI can lag a bit, and after overclocking it’s snappier. 2000 MHz is a good place to leave it.

For the OPI5 I don’t think there is any need to overclock. The best thing for the OPI5 would be to get a heatisnk and fan on it if you don’t already as that will allow it to run at full speed.