Orange Pi 800 KrackenSDR

Is there any issues with using an Orange Pi 800 with Krakensdr?
Just getting started with this.

I’m not aware of anyone having tested that device before. It should work, but it’s a bit underpowered compared to something like the Orange Pi 5 which should work much better.

I was curious is the software would load and not crash.

I am just unboxing the Krackensdr stuff and had a orange Pi 800 available.

I think my orange has a 3399 in it

I am trying to register and it is asking for the serial number.
How can I find it?

@Steve1 It’s on the front of the device, just below the FCC logo. It’s either an 8-digit or 12-digit number.

I had a feeling that might be it

My PI orange 800 has a operating system on it. also, firefox.
If I download latest orange Pi 5 image onto it, will it work?

Stand a lone without a android device?

No the Orange Pi 5 image will only work for the Orange Pi 5. The Orange Pi 800 is I believe based on the Orange Pi 4 hardware.

On the Orange Pi 800 you would need to install the KrakenSDR software via the ARM script.

Thanks this is good to know