Orange Pi 5B KrakenSDR Ready to Use Image Released

Just noting we’ve now released a ready to use image for the Orange Pi 5B. Note that the 5B model is the one with WiFi included which is required for the wireless connection to the Android app. Orange Pi - Orangepi. Any RAM size model can be used.

Download from the folder here: 2.38 GB folder on MEGA

It’s operation should be identical to the Pi 4 image, except that the minimum SD card size is 16gb.

The Orange Pi 5B is quite a bit more powerful compared to the Pi 4, and you should notice a much snappier web UI, and faster update rate.

Please let us know in this thread if you find any issues, or have any feedback about the image.

Please, does GPIO work to automatically turn off and on the KerberosSDR external antenna relay?

Thank you.

No unfortunately this switching method for the KerberosSDR is not implemented in the Orange Pi 5B image.

Thank you for the answer. I would suggest you to implement this feature in Orange Pi if possible.

Will add it to the list. It’s a bit difficult because for the Pi 4 image we’re using the pigpio daemon which is only available on Raspberry Pi’s. I’m unsure if there is anything similar for Orange Pi 5.

Any chance that this image will work with the normal 5? Ignoring the lack of wireless, I have a work around for that.

Not tested, but I believe it will work if there is an Ethernet connection.