No vectors or lobes showing

I have the Pi image running on a Raspberry Pi 4B. It provides the krakensdr hotspot.
I am using a Samsung Galaxy S7 tablet in my car, with the 5 mag mount antennas on the roof.
I use Chrome to access the Pi Kraken wbepage. I set the center frequency and check the Spectrum and DOA Estimation.
I have the KrakenSDR app loaded on the Galaxy.
When I click the Start Processing button, I don’t see any direction vectors or lobes on the KrakenSDR app. It does not show me the direction to drive. It only shows me which way I am driving.
I have looked at the documentation and viewed several videos, but still have this question: What simple step(s) have I forgotten to do to make this equipment work its magic?

Do you see lobes and a bearing on the Kraken webpage?

Set DOA Data Format output to “Kraken App”

I may have just found the problem.
In the app, the KrakenSDR Server Setting says “Webpage not available”.

Is this Pi setting that needs to be adjusted?
I can connect with Chrome, but it is going to the IP_address:8080. In the app it wants to go to krakensdr:8080.

It is set this way already.

It should work with the hostname, but for whatever reason, if it isn’t able to resolve that hostname on the network then you can change that in the app to the IP address you are using in your Chrome browser and it should fix things.

I found where to change it. I saw this before, but did not know I needed to change it.
Now it is working.
Maybe this should be added to a list of troubleshooting tips.

The top half of the kraken app now shows me vectors and lobes.
But the bottom half is just a light blue screen. It does not give me suggested turns.
Do I have to be using a phone Hotspot instead of the Pi Hotspot to make this feature work?

Yes the turn by turn direction feature has to contact the Mapbox server in order to work, so you’ll need an internet connection via your phones mobile hotspot.