No Pi’s available or too expensive

Might have to come up with a simpler version bc pi’s are just too expensive and out of stock. And it seems the Linux version is not used much after looking at forum.

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I mean its hard, but it’s not impossible to get a PI if you look around, IF you are willing to drop money at it over the MSRP.

You can use almost any other Linux system with computing power greater or equal to a Pi 4.

We just can’t provide image files for every board out there, so you’ll need to use the install scripts and set up the WiFi connection yourself on your own boards/PC.

ZimaBoard might be an interesting option, waiting for mine to deliver

I’ve found some refurbished Micro PCs on Amazon, NewEgg and probably more for $100-200.

I just got one from Amazon and it came with Win10, but I’ll be trying to load Linux on it this weekend.

At the moment $100 PCs are cheaper and more available than Raspberry Pi’s. So these might become my new project computer. One downside is they use a lot more power than a Pi at 20-40 watts.

I’ll keep you posted.

The Dell Wyse 5070 works well. It also eliminates the need for external power supplies, because the Dell can power the Kraken from one of the USB 3.0 ports. It’s usually $100 and comes with a warranty.

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