Need some help or some ideas on outdoor permanent configuration

Hello Kraken Community,

I am in need of some ideas for building an outdoor solution to support VHF ~155 MHz ±15 MHz and 450 MHz ± 20 MHz that can be deployed permanently. It appears that mental health is still messing with people post COVID and so they are causing destructive interference everywhere. There are a few of us that have clubs that are working to build an array but we have found through lot’s of work that due to our terrain, that altitude is best, but that comes with snow and limited site access during the winter.

The current jig works but is hard to elevate above a large flat surface and is currently in the VHF configuration which the calculator doesn’t like for UHF DFing.

Would love some ideas to include configuration of antennas, if we can get away with a single unit or do we need multiple. Outdoor enclosures that will support one or more Pi and Kraken as needed but keep the weather out but have ventilation.

Anyuway, thank you in advance for your support.

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Do you have a strict budget? If not, have you seen the fixed antenna arrays from Arrow Antennas?

I mean within reason, I’ll check out arrow