Login to map.krakenrf.com issue

Hi, brand new user here. I was reading the readme card, which says to register the SDR. That sounded like a good idea to me. So I went to map.krakenrf.com and hit register. I entered all the info and went to check my email to click the verify link. I clicked it, and it just sits there and spins. If I go back to map.krakenrf.com it acts like my registration didn’t stick, as it has me pick out the username and everything all over again. I’m doing this on a windows 11 desktop on chrome. I also tried on firefox, and it spins there too. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

Just an idea, could it be that you have some adblocking addons in your browser that prevents some scripts from running? (I did not try this feature yet)

I tried that. I also tried re-registering, and I never get another token email (yes I checked spam folder) and nothing. And the one verification link i got just spins.

This might be a problem on our end. Could you please PM me your serial number?

I’ll email you about this issue.