Log into map.krakenrf.com

I do understand it is alpha, but it seems that registration does not work. I have received a token for email verification, but there were no verification links and no page redirection to insert it. I’ve tried a password reset as well, I got a code, but was not redirected to the page to paste it. Instead, I got redirected to the login page (and my account was not created). Could you please tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks

The token is entered on the registration page under the “Second Step” heading.

It is a bit of a placeholder process and it will eventually get replaced with something more user friendly.

I can’t even get that far - all i get is “there was an error while registering your user”, no matter user what name I try.

Can you please send a message to [email protected] with a screenshot of what you’ve entered, and we’ll get the web mapper developer to take a look.

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The page height was too big to fit my screen, and there was no scroll bar. I increased the scale and found where it should be pasted, thank you

For a future update, can I please know what resolution your screen is?