Log file size limit?

There appears to be some sort of log file limit. Can you provide more information on that and what happens when you reach the limit with incoming data?

Also, could you explain the red bar under "Log File: 231203-123456.csv at the bottom of the App screen?

If there is a good reason for a file limit, could you automatically start a new file and keep plotting when the limit is reached?


There shouldn’t be a limit to the log file size. I suspect if it’s way too large though it’ll cause memory issues in the app though. But that shouldn’t happen unless you’re writing to the log for many hours. If you really need to do that, I would recommend increasing the log period.

What are you seeing happening in regards to the limit?

The red bar will slowly increase as more data comes in. Once a certain number of logs are reached the bar will be full. It’s just a rough way to guestimate when you might have enough data for an estimate to be somewhat accurate and worth travelling directly towards. But it of course depends on distance to the TX, how many angles you’ve got on the TX etc.