Locating aircraft transmission towers?

Hi, first post here.

I’m considering buying the KrakenSDR to locate ground based ATC sites.

How well would this work given that there could be two brief transmissions on the same frequency - one from the ground based site followed by one from the aircraft a second or two later.

Obviously the two locations would be completely different. Would this not confuse the maths ?

Thanks in advance …

You will likely be able to narrow down which is which and then filter out the transmitter you don’t care about.

Yes something like that is difficult to automate. As the Kraken will not know the difference between a tower transmission and aircraft transmission.

So it will come down to you having to record a log file of the bearings, and manually edit out the aircraft bearings as a post processing step.

You could also just leave the aircraft bearings there, and it will most likely center on the tower anyway. Because the tower is static, so you will always get bearings pointing to the tower. Whereas multiple aircraft could be in various different locations. So you will get spread out bearings for aircraft, and a higher concentration of bearings intersecting at a single point for the tower.

You could try the Python implementation of Kraken-to-TAK and play with the DOA filter. The idea is that once you understand the general direction of the transmitter you are interested in you don’t display everything else.

Thanks the replies guys and apologies for the slow reply - I didn’t any notifications of replies.

Is there a minimum signal length that the KrakenSDR needs in order to determine a bearing or could it do it with something as little as a fraction of a second ?

It should be fine down to ~10ms signal bursts. Though of course with smaller signal bursts the quality of DOA could be poorer.