Layer Add to google maps on android

Apologies if questions was answered before.

Is it possible to add a layer to google maps on phone, ex. fire stations or police stations or any point on map that you know is giving off RF noise. I’m aware of importing KMZ on google earth but was wondering if anyone knows another way. Thanks in advance.

Sorry I don’t understand entirely, are you talking about Google Maps, or the KrakenSDR Android App?

I’m assuming the app? On the app you can long press to add a frequency marker. So you can long press on the firestation, and add a marker to indicate that it’s a transmitter.

Sorry for confusion, I meant like adding a layer with different locations already marked. Ex kml files or my maps.
But I will try adding markers.

Ah okay like uploading a kml file to the app, to automatically add markers? Nothing like that is implemented at the moment but it’s a good idea for a future update.

At the moment you can just add markers manually.