Latest PR code November 22

Hi, I was using the previous PR code on an Intel NUC, and had success.

I have just changed my setup to a Raspberry Pi, and the install now uses the updated code.
The web interface looks a lot cleaner, but I am unable to get the same success as before. Strangely I am receiving a much lower signal on channel 0 than channel 1 on the HDTV channel 191.5 Mhz.
However on the default of 569 Mhz I get a much stronger signal for channel 0, even though I am using a VHF antenna (a commercial Yagi designed for 174-230MHz)
I’ve swapped over a lot of my cables, realigned antennas etc, but no luck.

I will retry with the new code on the NUC.

I haven’t seen any discussion on here about the new version - is it still a work in progress or is it something that should be working fine?

I also noticed the longer chains are gone - the 20/22 are no longer present with just the 16. Could this be part of the issue?

Finally - I am very interested in using the Pi to stream the I/Q to a more powerful desktop to do the computation there. Are there any instructions on this (I recall something in an earlier wiki or article but cannot find it now).


Edit: it seems somewhat subjective, I have just restarted it and changed the power on both channels to be the same, and now the channel 0 is 3db stronger than channel 1 (as expected due to alignment and polarisation).
Could there be something misbehaving in this bit of code? It feels like the setting of amplitude doesn’t always correlate to the signal strengths shown in the spectrum tab.

If I have the gain for both reference and surveillance set to 0db then the blue spectrum is about 3db above the red.
However if I set the gain to be an equal amount, such as 12.5db or 20.7db then the red (ch1) is above the blue (ch0).

Unfortunately on the latest image and code we’ve had to restrict PR capability rather significantly by using a much smaller bandwidth. So results are going to seem a lot different in this version.

The reasons are legal and regulation related, and we’re still awaiting information from our legal team before we can talk more about it.

Ah. Thanks for the quick reply.
That makes sense.
Sorry to hear that after the great work you had been doing.