KrakenSDRGui not available

I am am new here, I have had the Kraken hardware for a while now but i am just now getting around to testing it. I have the Kraken set up with a fairly new Raspberry pi 4 model B that i have set up to overclock to 2G. i intend to do direction finding on wildlife transmitters using the mobile hotspot on my Galaxy S21+ 5G. I have installed the mobile app. The hotspot connects with my phone just fine and displays the device details. The problem i am having is i cant seem to access the web application GUI, my error message is" webpage not available" “net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED”. Any guidance on what i’m missing would be much appreciated.

Did you determine the IP address of the KrakenSDR via your phone settings, or through a third party app like Network Analyzer?

Remember that the ‘krakensdr’ hostname won’t work on mobile hotspot, so you need to enter the IP yourself.

Works now. I missed that i guess. Now to see how the kraken performs on duty cycled low power transmitters.