Krakensdr with SDRTRUNK, KSDR with RTL-SDR V3 vs V4 driver?

Has anyone used the krakensdr with SDRTRUNK? SDRTRUNK works with my (single) RTL-SDR V3 and it also recognizes all my KSDR tuners, but the KSDR doesn’t seem to behave properly (P25 Phase 1: no audio decode, Frequency shown in Tuners tab is slightly different than in Now Playing and Channel Editor tabs). The results are the same whether my RTL-SDR V3 is plugged in or not.

On a related note, does the KSDR care if I have an RTL-SDR V3 vs V4 driver installed?

The KrakenSDR won’t care if the older or newer V4 compatible drivers are installed. The V4 drivers just add V4 support, they don’t touch anything else.

SDRTrunk should just see your KrakenSDR as five individual RTL-SDRs. Nothing should be different compared to plugging in five separate RTL-SDRs for this purpose.

Cockpit error: Krakersdr is working GREAT with SDRTrunk :grinning:
I now believe Tuner frequency not matching Control frequency is normal, Control frequency only has to be within the (current) tuner bandwidth. It shifts to accommodate hearing both the Control and nearby Voice channel(s) at the same time.
It’s even doing P25 Phase 2 simulcast but with mixed results, of course.