KrakenSDR stuck in the calibration loop

Hello. Today the device stuck in the calibration loop. Before that, I had saved a configuration, and it seems that on each reboot the device loads it and stucks in a loop. Also, please notice a 700 mhz center frequency (even though it is set to 163 Mhz) and radius warning (even though it isset to 76 cm and fine for 163 mhz). Is there a way to break this loop without re-installing an image? For instance, reset a configuration (163 mhz, 76 cm radius, 3 db gain) that is set by me and loaded by default. Bacause it may happen again

Is it only that frequency that causes sync failure?

If it’s on that exact frequency you can change the frequency, then save a config again, then reboot.

It could also be the cache getting corrupt. If you one the system configuration box, there is a clear cache and restart box. Sometimes that can help.

Could you please give more details on “system configuration box” and where to find it?

It will be on the main configuration page. If it’s not there you might be on an older image, only the latest image from Nov 10 has it.