KrakenSDR Server not updating

Hey there,

I’m getting super frustrated trying to get the Kraken to function. If I boot the raspberry pi up, spectrum and DOA work from the server on default settings, as soon as I update the center frequency settings everything locks up and stops working despite having a good data connection to the radio. I still have not seen any lobs or azimuths on the kraken app. What am I missing here?

Happened to me before, here are some tips:

  1. Make sure that the USB cables you are using are good quality. Some cables do not have data connection, only power.
  2. Make sure the power source you are using is actually capable of supplying the power. You can check dmesg for voltage warnings. You could also try powering the raspi and kraken from different power sources to reduce the chance of pushing the limits of your power source.
  3. With the current pi image I had similar issues regarding the spectrum and DOA freezing, I would suggest trying the previous krakenrf image from github.

Assuming everything works, you need to press the little arrow icon (2nd icon from the bottom) in the mobile app and be moving for the lobes to show up (or u can turn off the stop data collection when stationary option).

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Also try doing a Clear Cache and System Restart via the System Control menu.

Most likely issue with it hanging on ‘Update’ is a poor power supply that cannot handle the extra noise source inrush current, and causes a dip in voltage resulting in everything disconnecting.