KrakenSDR PI4 1.7.0 unable to load settings website

Evening all. Having an interesting issue and wanted to see if there was any suggestions from the group, Googling seems to return no results so here I am. Just upgraded to 1.7.0 on my PI4 and when I try to open up the website to set the settings for the Kraken, the website fails to connect. Not very good at linux, but I can see the device connected and when I either use the app says unable to resolve, or the url to load the config page I get “refused to connect” when using a browser. That seems to indicate to me that its on the network but the page url is having issues. Not sure where to go from here. Worked fine with 1.6.1. I did try reloading the image and downloading the ready to go image twice from Releases · krakenrf/krakensdr_doa · GitHub

Any suggestions are appreciated. I only upgraded since they fixed the cloud site and it said I needed to be running this version for it to work correctly.

Thanks in advance,
David K

Nothing has changed with connectivity between 1.6.1 and 1.7.0.

Could it just be the initial time taken to compile the numba code on the first startup? It can take a few minutes to compile everything on the first run and during that time the web server will be down.

What network connectivity option are you using?