KrakenSDR Location Source: None

When using Location Source: None with the Android App, I noticed no position data is saved in the .csv log. The receiver locations must still be gathered and evaluated by the app, is there a reason why they are not saved in the logs? Is there any way to be able to capture this data in a log file or in the RPi image or does all the location processing using the app occur in that application?

Just wanted to note, the csv generated from the Android app contains the identical log file, but includes the latitude and longitude from the device. If you need that for your logs, use the app.

I haven’t tried this with an external GPS source, I suspect the Pi log file would contain the coordinates in that case.

Yes if you connect an external GPS to the Pi 4 and activate it, then set the Bearing Mode to “Kraken” in the app, the log file will contain the GPS data from the Pi 4’s GPS.