KrakenSDR Linux Setup

Hi! I am trying to get the KrakenSDR set up with my Ubuntu 22.04 remote machine. I did the manual installation and it seems to run. I have not received my device yet so just testing out the software before it arrives. When I run the script, I get the following output:
Starting KrakenSDR Direction Finder

Web Interface Running at

Data Out Server Running at

TAK Server NOT Installed

And then the program terminates. Given that the device is not connected yet, is this expected? Is there a way I can just interface with the WebUI without the device? Thanks!

Update: Found this error in the logs: AttributeError: ‘Quart’ object has no attribute ‘before_first_request’

How can I fix this?

Sounds like there is an issue with one of the dependencies being newer than expected. When you installed everything did you make sure to pin them to the versions specified?