KrakenSDR Android App Bearing and Lobe Locations Off


I’m attempting to get the KrakenSDR set up and configured for direction finding. I’m using the DOA image running on a RasperryPi 4. I believe I’ve correctly configured everything in the KarkenSDR web interface to locate a local transmitter, as the DOA Estimation graph points correctly in the general direction of the known location of the tower. I’ve configured the Android app to connect to the KrakenSDR and can see the bearings and lobe plots in the map, which mirror what’s shown in the DOA Estimation graph. However, the location of the bearing lines and DOA lobes are not at the same spot on the map as my GPS location. My GPS location indicator is correctly showing in the US but the bearing lines, DOA lobes, and heat map are being painted on the map out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean at 0N, 0E. Whether I’m stationary or driving, this never corrects it’s self. I’d greatly appreciate any advice or thoughts on what might be causing this.


After some additional troubleshooting it appears that the Android App requires Google Services Framework to access the devices location when rendering the bearing lines and DOA lobes. I have the app installed on a GrapheneOS device which does not install Google Services Framework by default. After installing it with the KrakenSDR app in a separate user profile, the issue was resolved.

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