Kraken sofware on a KerberosSDR with Pi4

I’m have installed krakensdr_pi4_220323.img.xz on a Pi 4 to work with my KerberosSDR (no external switches).
I have flashed the firmware on the 4 RTL devices, each has a unique serial number.
I have overclocked the Pi to 1750.
If I open the browser to port 8080 I see the KRAKENSDR web interface.
Set the receiver frequency, gain and click the “Update Receiver Parameters” button.
Set the checkbox for “Basic DAQ Configuration” and select “kerberos_default”, then click the “Reconfigure & Restart DAQ chain” button.

DAQ Subsystem Status
Update Rate:0 ms
Latency:0 ms
Frame Index:0
Frame Type:-
Frame Sync:LOSS
Power Level:OK
Connection Status:Restarting..
Sample Delay Sync:LOSS
Noise Source State:Disabled
Center Frequecy [MHz]:434.5
Sampling Frequency [MHz]:0
DSP Decimated BW [MHz]:0.000
VFO Range [MHz]:434.500 - 434.500
Data Block Length [ms]:0
RF Gains [dB]:[,,,,]
VFO-0 Power [dB]:0.0

And there it sits.

Clicking the Start Processing or Stop Processing doesn’t seem to have any affect.

I have no antennas connected and I expect I should see something where the sync and phase are done that indicates things are ready so I can install the antennas manually.

I am stuck. Any help troubleshooting is welcomed.

The “Reconfigure & Restart DAQ chain” can sometimes be a bit buggy. After you’ve clicked that once and it doesn’t run, please try to do a hard reset (power off, then power back on).

After that it should work. The settings are saved after clicking Reconfigure & Restart DAQ chain so it’ll boot the kerberos config file every time.

After reconfigure and restart daq chain I had too clear cache and restart from the “Open system control” check box seems to work fine as far as I can tell.