Kraken Serial Number

I am looking for my kraken serial number in order to add the device to the kraken cloud. did anyone knows where is the serial number or if I can get it by SSH to the Kraken OS inside the PI?

It’s located on the front of the device, near the FCC/UKCA logos.

Thank you very much , that is 12 digits number but seems like the site asks for “8”. Anyways inside the site I click in “Customer” and try with all 12, I try as well with the first 8 or last 8 but the site continue to say “Your account was upgraded if possible with the details you provided” without adding my Kraken to the MAP. I try as well under “Remote SDR”, click on “remote Kraken”, “add a device” select create station but does not add the unit.

I was able to add the device inside using the 12 digits but it is showing “OFFLINE”, the only particular change is that I am using Tailscale inside the PI OS to reach the GUI securely remotely, this may be the problem? or there is any workaround to use tailscale and the sharable MAP? Thanks again

It needs to be able to contact on port 2096 and receive data from it. Is tailscale blocking ports? You’ll need to open them if they are blocked.