Kraken SDR Server Issues

Good evening all,

I am nearly complete with the set up of my Kraken SDR. Unfortunately, I continue to receive an error message when I attempt to access the Kraken SDR server.

“The webpage at http://:8080/ could not be loaded because: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED”

I established a mobile hotspot on my Android phone, to which my Raspberry Pi is connected. I then changed the Kraken SDR Server Address to the IP address of my Raspberry Pi. Very frustrated right now, and would greatly appreciate any recommendations/assistance.

Do you mean that you are you typing the IP into the app? “http://:8080” seems odd, like it’s not seeing what you’ve typed as the IP.

Can you write or show a screenshot of exactly what you typed in?

Good morning!

So one of the mistakes I made was putting the latest DF image on a USB stick instead of a micro SD card.

Now I have the image flashed onto a micro SD card using the Etcher software, but when I put the card into the Rapsberry Pi, I get a lot of boot related info. It looks as though I need to input a command to start the boot process. But unsure what to enter. I thought it would automatically boot when I inserted the card.

But I mean to put the IP address of my Pi after the HTTP in my original post, but it didn’t take.

Yes it’s not possible o boot with the USB, because this is an SDcard image, and also using USB for the filesystem will interfere with the USB coherence alignment on the Kraken.

The boot will end at the terminal, and the code will automatically run in the background. There is no need to run any commands to start the code with the image.

You can run htop to confirm that the code is running.

Good evening,

Thank you for your guidance and assistance; it was greatly appreciated.

I managed to successfully set-up my Kraken SDR, and can now access the web interface!

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