Kraken SDR Power Level

I noticed the other day while testing my setup I was seeing Power Level : Overdrive
I looked in the documentation and didn’t see what this means. I was testing different power supplies to see what would work with the KarakenSDR.

Anyone know what its notification on the settings screen means? I’m only guessing its not good.

You have to strong of a signal near the antennas. Damage may result.
Recommend you reduce the gain setting, or move the antennas away from the transmitter.

Interesting. I didn’t have any antennas plugged in at the time and was only testing USB power bricks to see if they could supply enough power. I’m guessing that one power brick must be putting out a LOT of RF noise then

The overdrive text just means that the signal is too strong. It doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be damage, it just means that the signal quality might be degraded due to ADC saturation and imaging.

The overdrive label isn’t particular accurate as it uses the tuner chips overdrive flag.

Most of the time it can be safely ignored, as long as you check the spectrum and don’t see anything like imaging or saturation.

Obviously if you transmit right next to the KrakenSDR antennas, overdrive will show and that could damage the device though.

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