Kraken output stuck in dummy or calibration frames

Hi I’m new to kraken so it might be a very simple problem but I got kraken software to run on my linux dual-boot, the web interface shows up and it’s visible from other devices. The problem is when it’s running i only see dummy frames and from time to time one calibration frame. I suspect that it may be something with my settings but I honestly don’t know.

I had that problem too and it was a power issue. I swapped out USB-C cables and power blocks and I was able to get good calibration frames. Just a suggestion.

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If the install went smoothly, then the main things to consider are:

  1. Is your PC computation power and PC’s USB controller sufficient to handle the real time data from the Kraken. Not all can handle this. Also make sure you’re using a direct USB connection, not one that is extended internally within your PC case. As sometimes those extensions within the PC enclosure are very poor quality.

  2. As random_task_0988 mentioned, double check your USB power supply is sufficient, and also that your USB data cable is good quality.

I would also attempt to check your power supply and cables on a Pi4, as that device is know to work well with the KrakenSDR.

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Thank you, the problem is that on one internal usb bus kraken works good and on the other it doesn’t. I’m guessing that you were right about internal usb extenders. Thanks again