Kraken doa without pi

Has anyone used doa without pi. Trying to setup using a windows 10 pc through virtual box . Not expert in Linux. But so far got the Ubuntu version with he kraken ova. file on the virtual box. But getting stuck there. In directions it say to disable network when importing file into virtual box. Any help please. Maybe a pdf on step by step.

A Pi 4/Pi 400 is the simplest way to get up and running. If it’s not possible to acquire one, the next easiest path is to install the dependencies and Kraken DOA software on Ubuntu.

Here are the instructions for installing everything on Ubuntu.

@Jano could you please run the follow install-script on the Ubuntu machine? This script was found on this page:

sudo chmod +x

Upon import you’ll want to add your own PCs network device in bridged mode there.

I’m not sure if VirtualBox automatically adds your own network device upon ova import, or if you need to manually add it in after import.

Update: Just tested on another PC and it seems that you can leave the network device selected during import, and it will automatically change it to the one on your own PC.

I’ve installed using this script on WSL - Ubuntu and I can get to the server on :8080 but it always says “disconnected” and in the console I see this:

  • Serving Quart app ‘kraken_web_interface’
  • Environment: production
  • Please use an ASGI server (e.g. Hypercorn) directly in production
  • Debug mode: False
  • Running on (CTRL + C to quit)
    [2022-11-19 23:04:54,144] Running on (CTRL + C to quit)
    [2022-11-19 23:04:55,678] GET /_push 1.1 101 - 3975
    [2022-11-19 23:04:57,787] GET /config 1.1 200 661 1686
    [2022-11-19 23:04:58,244] GET /_push 1.1 101 - 1017
    Traceback for <Task finished name=‘Task-52’ coro=<Pusher.dispatch() done, defined at /home/mookie/miniforge3/envs/kraken/lib/python3.9/site-packages/quart/> exception=ZeroDivisionError(‘division by zero’)> (most recent call last):
    ZeroDivisionError: division by zero

Not sure what to do now?

Hi, as this seems to be unrelated to the original post, can you open a new post for your question?

But at a glance it appears that the Heimdall DAQ did not start and the DSP software is getting no data (hence the division by zero error since it’s just getting the default buffers of 0’s).

Please try testing with either rtl_test or kraken_test at the command line to see if your devices are recognized at first. Please also double check that your power supply and data cable is appropriate.

I’m not sure how WSL works, but you may need to do something in order to get USB passthrough to work.