Kraken app centering on current position when using fixed Kraken

I am using the Kraken Android app to monitor a fixed Kraken at a remote site. Related settings are currently:
Logging mode: Log Everything
Map style: auto
Camera Mode: Always North
Zoom Mode: free
Heading Sensor: Kraken (whose position and heading are set correctly as static settings)

The problem I have is that when I enable monitoring with the arrow button, the map screen centers on my current postion (phone GPS) rather than on the Kraken. If I drag the map to center the Kraken, it snaps back to my phone location.

This looks like some sort of bug or mis-feature. Am I doing something wrong?


If you change the camera mode to ‘free’ does it also happen? The problem might be the always north setting which is designed to keep the view centered, but facing north always.

Setting the camera mode to ‘free’ does indeed solve the problem. Only downside is that there is no reference on the map to which direction is North. The rectangular grid does give you straight lines that are going to be NS or EW, but you need local knowledge to be able to know which way is North.

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