KerberosSDR Help

Hello! So recently I decided to try out an sdr. After a little research I hopped on Amazon and ordered an rtl-sdr v3. Fast forward two days and I am fairly certain I’m looking at a Kerberossdr NOT a single rtl-sdr (pic attached-aluminum enclosure with four antenna connections, a set of dip switches, and USB/2x USB type C). Not sure what happened, waiting on a reply from the seller RN.

If I do end up getting to keep it could anyone in the community help me in figuring out setting it up to run the kraken software or even better possibly—helping me figure out how to use the four internal rtls individually as I was trying to kind of ease into the world of SDR and was trying not to get overwhelmed

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Are you buying a used KerberosSDR?

That is a KerberosSDR.

But very curious how you ended up with one when purchasing an RTL-SDR V3. Can you share with us the Amazon listing?

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