Is this SDR restricted to the Freqs for legal reasons, or built that way?

So is this SDR restricted because of how it is built or for legal reasons? One of the reasons I bought Kraken was in hopes the band could be opened up. My friend operates commercial drones for spraying crops, and areas that require it are sometimes out of sight on a mapping system we want to see if we can do some verification with the SDR, but its a bit out of band limitations. That said I also want to try tracking down some ELT transmitters as well so not having that ability isn’t a big issue.

Side question how long did it take for Crowd Supply to update info for you, and where on earth can I find a Pi for this thing?

i cant answer the other questions, but I just purchased a Pi 400 from Amazon last week… Was shipped in 1 day.

The range of 24 MHz to 1.766 GHz is just the technical limitation of the R820T2 tuner chip being used.

Pi’s are slowly coming back into stock.

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