Is the DOA estimation plot backwards?

Is it just me, or does the DOA estimation polar plot feel backwards?

I am used to polar plots with 0 at the top and proceeding clockwise, 090, 180, 270, back to 0. As you would view direction / bearing lines from above. But in the Kraken SDR interface the DOA estimation polar plot is backwards from that. 0 is at the top, but clockwise it goes around 270, 180, 090, and back to 0.

Is there a specific reason the DOA Estimation Polar Plot is laid out the way it is?


The Polar plot is based on the mathematical Unit Circle convention.

The Compass Plot is based on the compass convention.

So depends on what convention you are working with, but most people probably want to use the Compass plot.

DOH! I had not tried the Compass Plot. Yep, that was what I was looking for.



@Token Thanks for asking the question.That had puzzled me, too, but I never got around to asking about it.