Is the Android Android app code open-source? How to feed external gps rx to android app?

For my potential application use, I was hoping to be able to run a linux laptop instead of an Android phone (don’t have one) for the mapping. I am using the Android-x86 emulator in a VirtualBox and have got it up and running the Kraken app. But for supplying GPS I think I will need to work a way to feed positioning data to the Kraken app from an external GPS receiver which leads me to wondering if it’s possible for me to modify the Kraken app to do this? I don’t see the Android app’s source code anywhere on the Kraken Github but could be missing it. I have a gps receiver I could use for the positioning data but would just need to work on feeding it to app.

The Android app is not open source.

The App code isn’t open source. But for what you’re doing, you could just connect a GPS to whatever you have running the KrakenSDR core software, and have it upload the GPS data to the app that way.

Awesome, so I’ve been able to connect a gps with gpsd to the kraken software and get the web ui to update the position. Is there any additional configuration needed to get the lat/lon/etc. to the android app?

Do I need to tell the kraken software where to send the data (where the app is) which in my case is a VM on same wifi network. On the Android app in the VM, I’ve tried setting the IP in the settings to my laptop on the same wifi network running the kraken sw but I am not getting a position in the app. Any insight would be appreciated - I’ve been trying to look through the kraken code to find this but haven’t yet. I don’t see any udp/tcp packets in wireshark so I’m not confident the data is being sent between the two.

In the app go into the settings and set the bearing mode as ‘Kraken’. This will make it so that the app uses the GPS data from the Raspberry Pi connected GPS instead of the GPS data from the Android device.

However, be aware that if you run on a device without it’s own GPS, then features like turn by turn navigation will not work as that relies on the Android device’s own internal GPS.

Just wanted to point out that there is currently a bug in the Pi4 image that means the Pi connected GPS won’t auto connect on boot. You have to go into the UI and manually deselect GPS mode, then reselect it to fix this.

The new image should be online within a few days time though.

Hadn’t had a chance to get back to this until today but with your help I’ve gotten everything working as intended. Thank you!

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