Is Kraken Rf what I need?

Hello, Please forgive me since I am not really technical in this field and have many questions which might be novice and might be asked previously but not all together. Please bear with me and guide me and also let me know if this is the best SDR for that price.

I want an SDR that can do many things, HAM radio would be the principal but I am interested in other areas as well and would like to expand my knowledge.
(Note: I would either be using Mac OS or Linux Ubuntu)

I have been wanting to start listening into HAM radio and would very likely start studying to get the license in order to be able to transmit.
Is this a good SDR for HAM radio? (to receive and transmit) I do not want to spend more money other than this and the study books and license fee.

Also can someone explain more about wild life tracking. I tried to search about this but did not know how does this is good for that.
How can someone track down wildlife with this?

Can this be able to read RFID and transmit to RFID as well?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Luii,
In my opinion, you would be better off starting with a simpler SDR dongle until you have a better understanding of the capabilities and which of the many aspects of radio you want to pursue. For example, only some cover HF bands, and most are not suitable for transmitting.
As for wildlife tracking, it’s my understanding it mostly uses vhf/uhf bands and simple yagi antennas. For more on direction finding, see For help with ham radio, find a local club via (USA).

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To my knowledge, the krakensdr could receive, but not transmit rfid (with other software).

The KrakenSDR is something you’d get once you’re already more acquainted with radio concepts. It’s for a niche part of the radio hobby, which is radio direction finding and coherent reception experiments.

KrakenSDR cannot transmit.

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