Installing DAQ and KrackenSDR Software on RHEL 8

Hi I just got a KrackenSDR. I am testing this out on RHEL 8.4 with an Intel Xeon 4 core 3.6GHz CPU. This is a 64bit OS. The installation guides reference Ubuntu, Raspberry Pi (Debian OSs) etc. Are there any references to the differences i would have to take into account when running on RHEL? have any advice or experience running this on RHEL? And if I overlooked it, would you kindly point me in the right direction?

Very Respectfully,

Unfortunately we’ve only tested and made scripts for Debian Linux, as that is the most popular.

Assuming all the packages are available on RHEL, it should be a simple task of replacing all the debian apt-get’s with the RH equivalent. But I do have doubts that all the packages would be available on RH.

Yesterday I searched for the comparable RHEL packages that would satisfy the list in the installation guide. And there was no clear guidance on correct substitutions. So for those reasons I set up an Ubuntu machine. Sometimes, for the sake of progress, take the path of least resistance.

Thanks for your feedback.