Installing app offline + maps

Hi everyone,

New to the forum. I just received my newly acquired Kraken and am excited to get after it. I’m facing a few issues I was hoping someone could assist me with.

I have a phone that can’t connect to the internet and an old phone to download the Kraken SDR app to get the APK files to transfer via Bluetooth.

I downloaded the app and used APK Extractor to get the APK to send over to the offline phone. Problem arose and the app wouldn’t open. I downloaded an APK from google (Kraken SDR APK combo). And it seems to work…

Now second issue is getting maps for the area I want to work on. Is there a way to download the region I want to work on and send the file of the map over?

Thank you all for your time and help!

Best regards.

To use an android mobile cell phone with SIM card supported by any mobile provider is highly recommended to perform Kraken app and/or download region maps.

Thanks for your reply. In this instance I don’t have a phone that has access to cellular service. Would it work to download a regional map on a phone that is connected and then export the APK? Would the map be embedded into the APK as I transfer it over?

You’re going to have the connect to the phone to the internet at some stage to download the maps from MapBox, a WiFi connection is fine.

The maps aren’t stored in the apk as that would be a huge apk.

Once you’re on WiFi use the offline maps download feature to download maps for the region you are interested in.