Inaccurate Documentation?

Hi all,

I have been using the “enable local data recording” checkbox in the web GUI to collect AoA data into a CSV file.
The data seems to be in the same format as this documentation:

However, I see my truth data using compass convention on the web GUI DOA estimation page. Then I compare with the downloaded CSV of that data and I see it flipped into polar convention, even though the documentation says it records the CSV in compass convention.

So I’m wondering if this documentation is no longer accurate? Or why is my CSV recording in polar convention?

Any help would be great, thanks!

The CSV is in polar convention.

Where did I write that it’s in compass convention, I can’t find it. Unless this line was tripping you up “Needs to be rotated into compass convention.”. That line is supposed to mean that the data needs to be rotated into compass convention through your own processing.

Hi Carl,

Thanks for the confirmation. I was referring to the appendix link, that routes to a subheading called “Data Output for Third Party Software”. In the CSV ordering table it provides, it says:

2. Max DOA Angle in Degrees in Compass Convention : (3 Digit 000 - 359, 90deg East),

I know this is for the HTML output, but I couldn’t find any other place that described the local CSV output. And that local CSV output aligns with this, except for the polar heading.