Ignore signals & best practices

I’m trying to find a specific transmitter on a ham radio repeater that is jamming the repeater for normal users. What is the best way to ignore the normal users and only DF the problem signal?

I’m thinking to hold a button when the problem is transmitting and release when not transmitting if it is possible

In the app you can toggle DOA recording on/off using the button. So as soon as you hear the interfering signal transmitting, toggle DOA logging on. Then when it stops toggle logging off.

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I’m sure I don’t need to say this, but just in case. Make sure you are on the input freq, and then by adjusting your antennas and the squelch level, you can reduce the signals that you are not interested in. (did that make sense?)

What is the frequency range of the interferer?

440-450 primarily sometimes 2 meters

Our jammer was tracked down and received a warning letter from the FCC. Now rather than transmitting noise and music we assume he’s just keying down and knocking out the weaker signals trying to reach the repeater. Pretty sure its him because the signal is moving and coincides with the travels of the trucker. He isn’t a ham but we know much more about him, his business, and his antics then he realizes.

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