Ic in kraken board

Hi In krakenrf board between Individual tuner on/off DIP switched and USB
Type-C DATA there are 3 identical ic,in red circle,I want to know here name and what it do do
and here datasheet if there

Those are the 3.3V power LDOs that power the tuners. I’ll get someone to double check the part #.

Can I know what is the reason that you need this information?

because I use a bad charger that take me 18v instead of 5v and damage the board and this ic is demage and I see that the name of the ic is CD gfpr and I research about this and dont have any information.

I tried to open the Kraken because my cooling fan is failing. I removed the bottom screws and the SMA connector nuts and washers, but was unable to separate the case using the most force I was comfortable with. Was any special technique or tool required?

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Gently use a flat head screw driver to lever it. The reason it’s stuck is because of the thermal pad getting sticky.

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FYI if replacing fan, you might want to get a Noctua NF-A4x10 5V which is so much quieter! If you do, you’ll want to replace the M3x10mm screws with M3x16mm to support the added height