How to distinguish between different signals and focus for DF on just one?

I would like to search for a signal on the input frequency of a ham radio repeater.

The challenge is that there are several stations on the frequency. How can I “fix” the krakensdr to ONE signal?

when receiving signals from different directions at the same time (i.e. in quick succession), the kraken should continuously display targets from different directions.

is it possible, for example, to restrict the target area or can it recognize the signal as unique due to technical specificity and ignore all others?

how do you proceed here?

thanks and greets

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This is not really easy to do, because to the Kraken any signal is just a signal, it has no way to determine the voice of who is talking.

The easiest way at the moment would be to have a second operator with their finger on the app start/stop mapping button. When the user you want to DF is speaking, start the map logging. When they stop talking, stop the logging.

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I filter by direction with this project.