How does Android app work?

I see the Android app is not open source. That is very unfortunate. Can anyone explain how the DF algorithm and visualization stuff is working?

I have the following flow graph:

Basically I am just looking at the peak out of the 360 deg output. It is VERY noisy. I tried to add a moving average block, but this doesn’t help much. Maybe if I maintained a very long average over time it would help, but I feel like I am reinventing the wheel.

What is the theory of operation for the Android app? Is it doing much more processing than that? Is it even using MUSIC at all when using that?

The Android app has nothing to do with DSP, it’s simply a triangulation and mapping program.

In a very basic sense, the Android app gets the bearings from the KrakenSDR, plots them on a map, and calculates where they intersect. Given enough good bearings from different locations, the intersection is where the transmitter is.

I assume you are testing with a fixed array? If you’re getting noisy readings from DOA, you need to look into optimizing your antenna array, or your antenna environment, and trying to reduce sources of multipath.