High mobile data usage attributed to Kraken App

I just completed a several hour tracking exercise, and found that my phone had consumed 3.98GB of mobile data. The usage was clear attibuted to the Kraken App. Here are my settings:

Is there any setting that could have caused that?
The data usage by the Pi on the hotspot connection to my phone was low.


The data transfer between kraken to the app is very small. But downloading the map tiles can use a lot of data. If you scrolled around in the map a lot, and zoomed in to many places, or used the satellite maps, or downloaded offline maps, then it could use a lot of data.

I just had another incident of high data usage (3GB in a 4hr tracking session). Here are my app settings. Is there anything in these that would cause higher than expected data usage. From talking to others, this behavior is not expected so I have got something amiss.


Not sure, I’ll try to investigate, but I can’t think of anything that could be using so much data, other than tile downloads.

Are you using the navigation feature too?