Help with DOA setup

Ok so I’ve had my Kraken for a few days now, and I’m absolutely pullingmy hair out trying to figure out what im doing wrong trying to get Direction of Arrival to show an even remotely correct location of a transmitter near me. I have the frequency set, I used the excel spreadsheet to find out the correct diameter, and put everyhting into the webserver as required, but the map just keeps the showing the transmitter on top of my current location, and moving doesnt help at all. Any ideas on what to do? I cant find many antenna setup tutorials online that are helpful, do yall know of anything?

I’ve had this issue intermittently but haven’t found the solution. I haven’t tried this but if your squelch is set to default -200 or anywhere below the noise floor you’ll process the noise. My vhf noise level is around -64 so I set squelch to -62.

Can you show a photo of your setup? And more information about the frequency, type of signal etc?

By moving I assume you mean in a vehicle?

The estimated TX position isn’t going to show the TX location until you’ve moved around enough to get enough bearing data in order to triangulate. If you’re just at one position, or not moving far, it won’t be able to triangulate and the estimated TX position will be incorrect and likely on top of you. However the bearing should still be correct assuming no other issues.

Sorry for the late reply, I’ll get pictures as soon as I can take some. I’m listening for something in the 800mhz range, antennas are being spaces with the 3d printed spacers on the github repo, car is a subaru outback. I drove about 50 miles, the whole time the Kraken was unable to determine a good location, instad pointing to locations the transmitter is definitely not at.

Ok if you are willing, please send us your log files if you have them too to [email protected]

Will do, also, would you be able to tell me what appoximate frequencies the holes in the 3d printed bracket would match up to? I’m goignt o try andx make a new model with them added as text to make setup easier

Some info about the ranges each radius covers here on the Wiki