GPS Informations are not updated


I’m using Kraken with an external USB GPS connected to the Rapsberry Pi4.
After starting apps, I put the Location Source to GPS, and position is update on the web interface. But when i drive, positions (lat, Lon, heading) on the web interface are not updated. It always displays the initial position.
I tested the GPS with another app, it works fine.

Can you tell me if i did anything wrong?


Double check that you’ve deselected “Fixed Heading” and that there is no high threshold set for min speed.

Thanks, but this 2 parameters are ok.
I think it’s a problem between GPSD and my gps module (Globalsat BU-353N5). When i use cgps or another gpsd client i can’t display any NMEA sentence. But if i connect to the GPS port with python and the Serial library, I can read NMEA frame well.
But in Kraken web interface, gps status is connected and Lat Long are updated one time, i don’t understand how.
I will try with another GPS module. Can you tell me which GPS module works properly with Kraken or GPSD?

This appears to be the same as I encountered. The web interface would indicate "connected, the lat/lon would be correct, but the position would never update. After some debug, I discovered sending a consol command “gpsctl -n” would cause the position to update normally. I never resolved this problem. I continue to initialize the system by:

  1. Starting a KrakenAndroid hotspot
  2. Starting the Kraken/pi4b
  3. Connect to the Kraken web interface using an Apple tablet/Chrome
  4. Checking the GPS position. ( It usually starts as “Connected” with an initial position that never updates.
  5. Issue the command “gpsctl -n” from a keyboard connected to the pi4
  6. When the position begins to update, I connect to an Android tablet with the Kraken app.

I am using the current v1.7 download. My initial attempts to setup a KrakenSDR involved a BlueStacks Android Simulation. I reported this problem under that heading because I thought it was related to my initial setup. All attempts to add Python code to include a gpsctl -n command failed. I still use a seperate command issued manually.