GNUradio connection

Hi, I am quite new at SDR. As I want to use GNU to do data analysis for krakensdr, and I used the lastest image file from Releases · krakenrf/krakensdr_doa · GitHub to drive Raspberry Pi 4.

Since, it is now quite difficult to set a connection using with connecting the WIFI of krakensdr created by PI 4, cause I only follow GNU Radio OOT Block Install Instructions in gr-krakensdr on Ubuntu 20.04.

Could you please give some advice of how to solve the ‘Ethernet Connection Failed’ problem on GNU, does it mean even I flashed the image file on PI4, I still need to follow all manual installation steps of heimdall_daq_fw and krakensdr_doa if I want do data analysis in GNU.?

If so, shall I still need raspberry PI4 for the WIFI connection or just connect kraken device directly to PC to run with GNU?

Thanks in advance.

I just used another way, is that I did not install everything on Ubuntu of VMware, instead I use Putty in Ubuntu to run on PI4 after modifying with type = eth (PI 4 has been burned with the latest image). Then I run GNU on Ubuntu, it seems to work successfully when Heimdall IP address is input by IPV4 DNS address of krakensdr(WIFI). I am not sure if this could be a feasible method.