Get data from kraken


I want to extract data from kraken to see what it looks like,

Is it possible to print the iq_frames? Or is there another way to see what the frames actually contains?

I have tried adding print-outs in the terminal but the program crashes. Anyone have any tips on how to debug the program?

I’m currently experimenting with kraken and want to plot other things in the interface.

I have been modifying the code and using it for custom use cases. Can you be more specific on what you are adding and where?

What data are you wanting to extract? The final bearing data, or the raw IQ data/raw frames?

Not much point to printing out the iq frames as you’ll just get a huge chunk of IQ data with it.

If you want the actual bearing data have a look here 12. Appendix · krakenrf/krakensdr_docs Wiki · GitHub