Frequency limitations

Hey there,

Probably a noob question but I’m curious to understand why the frequency limitations for the kraken are 100-1 while the actual limitations of the RTL SDR are from the low HF range to 6 GHz. Is this a software limitation or simply due to the massive nature of a VHF antenna array for direction finding 35-45 MHz?

@gojiba The frequency range of any normal RTL-SDR is ~24 - 1766 MHz. Some specific models (such as the RTL-SDR Blog V3) bypass the tuner so you can tune into frequencies below 24 MHz. I’m not aware of any RTL-SDR that goes above ~1800 MHz without an external down converter. Would you mind linking to one of the radios you are referring to? Are you maybe thinking about the PlutoSDR or HackRF?

Here are the specs of the V3.

I could be thinking of the HackRF, I use them both for work (I’m an EW guy). In any case, I would be super interested if future firmware iterations allow the kraken to direction find between 30-88 MHz. If that’s already possible with the correct array I suppose I’ll try it out.

@gojiba Yes, 30 - 88 MHz is already possible. It will simply require a very large array.