Format of data in the IQ data frame

What does data in the IQ data frame in lines 55 - 59 after line 54 “Noise source state” mean?
They look like “(-0.010972676+0.0047032395j)(-0.010972676+0.012546376j)…” and so on. What are the left and right numbers in the brackets?

I’m not sure exactly what you mean? Those numbers in the brackets are just complex numbers.

Dear Carl!

I am going to develop my algorithms to find the direction of coming of the incident signal. For this purpose, I need data regarding the amplitudes and phases of signals in each of the channels.

I would appreciate your pointing out how I can get this data. Which part of your software produces them?


Heimdall is the software that produces the coherent IQ output which will be complex numbers. But have a look at krakensdr_doa/ at main · krakenrf/krakensdr_doa · GitHub on how to receive the data and split it back into the 5 channels.

You can then convert the complex IQ data into amplitude and phase.