First try with Kraken


I’ve finally installed the raspberry Pi 4 image on my fresh rpi4, and it works immediately. Unfortunately, I do not have an Android phone (just iPhone) and I was planed to but a small Android tablet. What do you suggest? Should I take a tablet with sim card or just WiFi? Can I only use a PC laptop wit the same software on Android?


You can emulate the Android software on a PC using Bluestacks, but it’s not really a great solution to use a laptop in the car while on the move. I would recommend a tablet with sim card.

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I’ve had good luck with Samsung Tab series, you’ll probably want a model with internal GPS for best use.

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I ordered a TCL TAB Pro 5G, and it is working fantastic for me.

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I bought a Blackview Tab 6 … with WiFi, 4G and GPS, at a very decent price, but I will only use it in fixe mode first (at home) for now. It works perfectly for now.

Is it possible to use it without Internet connexion?

How to correct this error message: “Warning, no log file set” ?


I normally ignore the “Warning, no log file set”. I assume it means I haven’t loaded a previous reading. When starting a new session, I don’t need a previous one. An aside, I created a start-up procedure doc, if you want.

“Warning no log file set” means that you haven’t created a log file. If you want to save data to a log file, click the save button in the top right, and create a file in whatever directory you prefer.

If you don’t want to save a log file, you can just leave it. But you will loose your data when you close the app.

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