Feature Request / Idea

I have been hunting a source that is causing QRM on frequency.

Sadly, their is a 2nd source also on freq, but a different PL. When I listen for source 1, I get many hits on source 2.

I would like to be able to ignore source 2 if possible.

One idea I had, when I hear source 1, if I could hit a button to purge all hits other than X seconds of data. A setting I can set the value for in settings. Then when the button is pushed, it can only show me data from that window. This would be to remove bad hits from source 2 that I don’t want the system to track.

Hope that makes sense. Or does anyone have any idea of how to improve this situation?

Right now, I keep hitting the X button to clear all hits, and just try to time doing it just before (or pray I do just before) the source hits that I want to find.

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I was trying to pin down a jammer with my Kerberos that’s upgraded to a Kraken. Similar to your issue however the jammer was moving on the highway and did his deeds during a local net. So the Kraken was clobbered from several directions while monitoring the input frequency and it was impossible to pinpoint the problem child. I tried switching to my KN2C 2020 Doppler, and at least I could drop a vector line on the laptop when I heard his transmission. He was playing a very annoying tune and would key up 30 seconds or more. So that doppler didn’t work either because the stronger signals would ride over the jammer. So a couple of us focused on using the VK3YNG Mark 4 sniffers and directional antennas and took to the road. Positioned on the highway we could track his travel as he got closer by reading the attenuation levels on the sniffer. The problem still existed when stronger stations participated in the net and the next transmission from the jammer had driven past you. The other guy finally got a 5 level coming from a truck 20 miles north of town. With that reading we were relatively certain it was the right vehicle. It was an 18 wheeler that traveled that route frequently a couple times a week during that 10am net. We got all the information on the rig, the owner, and his business and turned it over to the FCC. They made contact with him and jamming ceased, mind you his antics had been going on for over a year. I sought help from the Kraken developers and it seems a filter of sorts and signal fingerprints could help. They said its possible in the next couple years. Sniffer might be your answer for now.

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