Exporting Raw I/Q Samples with KrakenSDR and GNU Radio Blocks (or other fast solutions)


We are exploring the potential use of a KrakenSDR with KrakenAntenna for our research on advanced signal processing algorithms in wireless networks, particularly for localization and sensing. Our usual practice involves implementing algorithms in Matlab, and for this reason, we require a straightforward method to export raw I/Q samples obtained from SDR platforms (sometimes students without high-level programming skills are involved in the process). Could you please help me to understand if this is possible with a KrakenSDR platform? I have seen that there are GNU Radio projects already available, so I was wondering wether such ready-to-use projects could be easily adapted to acquire raw I/Q samples and save them for subsequent post processing. I had a look at some discussions in the forum mentioning the need to modify part of the Python scripts, but for our academic purposes, this is not a preferable solution.

Thank you in advance for any support you can provide.

It is possible, but you would need to write your own interface between heimdall and Matlab as we don’t have a Matlab interface written by ourselves available.

Basically you just need a TCP socket connection to heimdall and some code to unpack the frames. If you refer to the GNU Radio interface you should be able to see how one can be made for Matlab.

Thank you for the kind response, Carl. For our needs, it is not strictly necessary to interface directly heimdall with Matlab. We would just need to understand if the available GNU Radio interface is sufficient to collect I/Q samples and store them in a file. We could apply post-processing algorithms later by importing the files in Matlab.

Yes you could use GNU Radio to record to a file if you wanted to.

However, I’m not entirely sure if GNU Radio starts the recordings for each channel at exactly the same time or not, that’s something to investigate.